The main purpose of the HumSAT system is the development of a satellite-based system for connecting a set of users with a network of worldwide distributed sensors which they have previously deployed.

Sensors will be responsible for acquiring user data and for transmitting it to the satellites through an standard radio interface. Users will be able to define their own sensors, for monitoring different types of parameters; for example, water temperature or wind speed.

Once data has been transported by HumSAT satellites, authorized users will be able to access it through an Internet connection.

HumSAT objectives

Besides, the HumSAT project has strong educational objectives such as:

  • Provide hands-on-project experience on a space project to engineering/science students.
  • Promote international cooperation among universities about space technology.
  • Transfer technology to universities from developing countries.


The HumSAT project is open to the participation of any organization, institution… etc., for the development, improvement and exploitation of this non-commercial network of satellites. Mainly, the project is focused to boost the international cooperation between universities and educational institutions, but it is open for the cooperation with other organizations or research groups.

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