The initiators of the project have been the next three universities:

The University of Vigo is located in the north-west of Spain at the city of Vigo, in the region of Galicia (@Google). The University is composed of about 20,000 students and more than 30 departments.

In 2008, the University of Vigo was selected as one of the nine european universities to launch a CubeSAT in the Vega maiden flight. Since then, a research group led by Dr. Ing. Fernando Aguado-Agelete has been working in the XaTcobeo project ( adapting the ECSS standards to the development of CubeSATs, with the aim of adding quality to the design of small educational CubeSATs.

Furthermore, this research group has also been selected as the GEON (GENSO European Operations Node), and will held the responsibilities of maintaining the development network for the GENSO project (

Other projects in which this group is cooperating are the ESEO and ESMO projects held by ESA’s education office.

In the HumSAT project, this research group of the University of Vigo will be the system’s prime contractor for the development of the main backbone of communication CubeSATs for the HumSAT network, through the GEOID project.

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The California Polytechnic State University is located at San Luis Obispo, California (@Google).

The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México is located at Ciudad de México, México (@Google).

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