Humsat presented at 61st International Astronautical Congress

The 61st International Astronautical Congress in 2010 at Prague (IAC), Czech Republic:

The IAC at Prague’s Congress Centre will provide another opportunity for representatives from political, industrial and scientific sectors, together with members of the general public to shape the future direction of space exploration. As the ambitions of space nations are becoming apparent, the countries are focusing on how their own space exploration plans might integrate with global space endeavours and how might collaborate with other nations to develop a truly global space exploration strategy.

In this context Humsat project will be presented next 29th of October.

  • Humsat is an international educational initiative for building a constellation of nano-satellites providing communication capabilities to areas without infrastructure.–Based on the Cubesat standard and using GENSO as ground segment.
  • Humsat is meant to provide data-relay services (storage and forward concept) for transfer of data like for example:

               – In-situ Environmental information (uni-directional)

               – Humanitarian (Simple bi-directional data)

               – Possible secondary specific payloads.

  • GEOID will be the Humsat testbed that ESA intends to launch in support of the project and for educational purposes:

               – Constellation of 9 Cubesats for testing purposes over the European region

The system is supported by a number of international organizations and countries:


               – HUMSAT discussed at UN Symposium on Small Satellites organized in Graz in September 2009 and 2010.

               – HUMSAT to be considered under the United Nations Basic Space Technology Initiative (UNBSTI, http://www.unoosa.org/oosa/en/SAP/bsti/index.html).

  • ESA

               – Optional Educational Initiative for State and Cooperating Members

               – GENSO development and operations node selected.

               – Leading the implementation of the test-bed via GEOID.

               – Call for proposal: http://www.esa.int/SPECIALS/Education/SEMXA9HONDG_0.html

               – Deadline: 17th October 2010.

  • IAF

               – Special discussion on Humsat to be held during the International Astronautical Congress organized in Prague in September 2010

               – Humsat presented at IAF Workshop on Space Sensors for Climate Monitoring organized in Paris in March 2010

  • NASA

               – Educational program to launch US/Cubesats.

               – Use of GENSO for their Cubesat projects.

               – Selection of the US/American GENSO node.

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