Figure below provides an overview of the HumSAT system concept:


System applications

The HumSAT system will provide a generic communications service commonly known as “storage and forward”, above which the different users of the system will be expected to build and define their own applications.

Nevertheless, several killer applications can be identified as the core set of applications for whom the HumSAT system is expected to provide its services:

  1. Autonomous climate change control measurements; for instance, in-situ measurements of wind speed and direction in several locations of the Atlantic Ocean or for continuously monitoring the temperature at different points in the Arctic Ocean.
  2. Low data-rate communications support in infrastructures-less areas like, for example, certain areas of developing countries or unhabitated areas like the Sahara Desert.
  3. Emergency beacon localization, for providing support in humanitarian initiatives or in emergencies (natural disasters, accidents… etc.)

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