The Poly Picosat Orbital Deployer (P-POD) is a standard deployment system, which reduces the satellite development time for Cubesat compliant devices. This standard deployer ensures that all Cubesat developers may conform to some common physical requirements. The P-POD plays a critical role as the interface between the launch vehicle and Cubesats.

The P-POD allows the satellite to separate from the launcher. Each P-POD is designed to carry three standard Cubesats, which are stored in a rectangular aluminum box with an electrically activated spring-loaded door mechanism. After a signal is sent from the Launch Vehicle (LV), the door is opened and the Cubesats are pushed out by a spring along guidance rails, ejecting them into orbit with a separation speed of a few m/s (approx. 1.6 m/s).

Cubesats have to be compatible with the P-POD standard in order to ensure a correct deployment of every single satellite.
P-POD requirements (general requirements, dimensional and mass requirements, electrical requirements and operational requirements) will be described in the Technical Specification document.

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